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diamondcord™ | Unbreakable Pull Start Cord
diamondgrip™ | Pull Cord Handle
diamondlace™ | Unbreakable Laces
unbreakable pull start cord | diamondcord™
Lifetime Guarantee
replacement shoe lace | diamondlace™

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diamondcord™ unbreakable starter cord

diamondcord – unbreakable starter cord stronger than steel

Eliminates down time, inconvenience and monetary loss. Put your trust in diamondcord – made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee.
diamondcord™ pull cord handle

diamondcord – pre-cut pull starter recoil replacement cord

Pre-cut lengths of diamondcord™ unbreakable starter cord. Comes in 10-foot lengths. Abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, heat-resistant, and UV-resistant with a lifetime guarantee.
diamondcord™ pull cord handle

diamondgrip – high performance pull cord handle

diamondgrip™ is the strongest and most technologically advanced starter handle in the world. It is built to outlast your equipment and backed by our lifetime guarantee.
diamondlace™ replacement shoe laces

diamondlace – unbreakable boot laces

diamondlace™ boot laces are the strongest in the world and guaranteed for life. Tested against polyester and Kevlar, they have been proven ten times stronger than competitor laces.


diamondperformance™ | Diamond Performance
Innovative design and outstanding quality is the cornerstone of all diamondperformance™ products.

It’s present through every phase, from concept to design to material selection and manufacturing. And it’s followed by the toughest quality assurance testing in the business.

The future of our company relies on customer satisfaction and offering innovative, lifetime guaranteed products, so we earn it with everything we do.

What may appear as “mission impossible” to others is precisely the challenges that our team likes best.

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Tool rentals with diamondperformance

The tool rental experience is better for customers and rental centers alike when they use diamondperformance™ products backed by our lifetime guarantee. You’ll never have to worry about broken starter cords again.
Ace Hardware Rental Centers

diamondperformance products are the clear choice for all Lowe’s rental centers across North America with diamondcord and diamondgrip™ being the exclusive pull cord and starter handle products on all equipment and machinery.

Sunbelt Rentals

“We have been using diamondcord and diamondgrip in our machines that utilize a pull starter and I can say in those machines we have had zero failures. We have been really impressed with the product and the level of customer service.”   Chris Reed – Sunbelt Rentals Service Manager.

The Home Depot Rental Center

The Home Depot tool rental centers across North America are continuing to phase out alternative products in favor of our unbreakable diamondcord and diamondgrip .
No more down-time and lost profit caused by broken cords and starter handles!

Ace Hardware Rental Centers

diamondperformance products are now being used at Ace Hardware rental centers!

Save time and money by using diamondperformance products at your tool rental location!

How can we help YOU?

Commercial / Industrial

In a highly productive industry, such as logging, your company can ill afford to have unnecessary downtime due to a broken pull cord. Collectively this can equate to huge monetary loss.

diamondperformance™ | commercial & industrial
We guarantee that our pull cord will outlast your equipment. diamondcord™ also provides a mechanical advantage that eliminates binding that one would experience with a stock cord.

Fire Departments / Safety

Fire Chiefs at several fire departments claim that on many occasions they have found themselves in an emergency lifesaving situation when a pull cord has broken.

diamondperformance™ | fire department & safety
diamondcord™ can help to eliminate this risk, in a profession where a few lost precious seconds could cost someone their life.

Recreational / Residential

If you have ever found yourself up a mountain or on a lake with a broken pull cord in hand, no cellular reception and the sun setting fast, you know the frustration and fear this can create.

diamondperformance™ | recreational & residential
Those days are over! By putting your trust in diamondcord™, you no longer need to fear for the safety of you or your family.

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