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unbreakable pull cord | diamondcord™

Unbreakable Pull Cord

Our diamondcord™ is the world’s strongest and most durable pull start cord. Our unbreakable starter cord uses patented technology that is five times stronger than steel. The high-performance design allows smoother pulling for lawn mower pull cords and any other recoil starter rope applications. Using diamondcord™ eliminates downtime and inconvenience from broken pull start cords. There is also no monetary loss from frequent cord replacements. Applications include lawn mower pull cord, generator pull cord, snow blower pull cord, chainsaw pull cord, snowmobile pull cord, and other recoil rope started devices. Our diamondcord™ can replace nylon/polyester cord and steel cable. It is also ideal for use as an emergency tow-rope for small recreational vehicles, tie-up rope, light-gauge winch line, and other general rope use applications.

Benefits of diamondcord unbreakable pull cord


Eliminates down time and inconvenience

Eliminates risk of being stranded with broken starter cord

No more monetary loss with replacement pull start cord and/or labor

Smoother pulling for easier starting

Recoil starter rope sizes

#3 – 2.8 mm weed eater starter cord 1,500 lbs
#4 – 3.2 mm chainsaw & lawnmower starter cord 2,000 lbs
#4.5 – 3.6 mm outboards, ATVs & compactors 2,500 lbs
#7 – 5.5 mm snowmobile starter cord 5,000 lbs



#3 – 2.8 mm 10 feet
#4 – 3.2 mm 10 feet
#4.5 – 3.6 mm 10 feet
# 7 – 5.5 mm 10 feet

Starter cord applications

lawn mower pull start cord | diamondcord™

Lawn Mower Pull Cord

generator pull start cord | diamondcord™

Generator Pull Cord

snow blower pull start cord | diamondcord™

Snow Blower Pull Cord

chainsaw pull start cord | diamondcord™

Chainsaw Pull Cord

snowmobile pull start cord | diamondcord™

Snowmobile Pull Cord

go kart pull start cord | diamondcord™

Go Kart Pull Cord

outboard pull start cord | diamondcord™

Outboard Pull Cord

recoil starter rope | diamondcord™

Other Recoil Starter Rope Applications

diamondcord product characteristics


A significant benefit of diamondcord™ is its anticorrosive properties. It will survive marine and extremely corrosive environments.


diamondcord™ is made in the USA


In harsh environments diamondcord™ has unique chemical resistant properties


diamondcord™ can handle exposure to temperatures of up to 600℉ / 315℃ and will not burn.


diamondcord™ is five times stronger than steel


diamondcord™ comes with a lifetime guarantee


diamondcord™ has excellent abrasion resistance and will outperform Kevlar by 15 to one in abrasive applications.


diamondcord™ is a floating cord, yet is stronger than steel.

Product comparisons

diamondcord™ VS Nylon Starter Cord

Typical engine pull start cords will wear down and break with repeated use. The strain on any starter cord rope comes from the manual pulling and automatic retraction of the cord through an eyelet. Both the tension on the cord and the friction between the cord and the eyelet cause wear and breakage over time. Our unbreakable starter cord was in development for three years and third party laboratory tests demonstrate the mean time to failure of a Nylon cord was 30,000 cycles, while diamondcord™ showed super-endurance to 1,700,000 cycles. These tests were in pristine laboratory conditions. Add the dust and dirt of real-world conditions and a Nylon cord will very quickly demonstrate its lack of power to perform. Our diamondcord™ is the world’s strongest and most durable pull start cord.

diamondcord product reviews

Using diamondcord has eliminated lost rentals due to cord breakage, saving time and money for the rental department and its customers.

Cindy Clement

Tool Rental Associate, Home Depot Canada

diamondcord™ has saved time & money with fewer call outs and returned equipment due to broken starter ropes.

I’m very impressed with this product, and I will continue to use the rope in our small equipment.

Bryan Touzel

Parts & Service, United Rentals

unbreakable pull cord | diamondcord™

Eliminate the risk!

Use The Best Pull Start Cord Available

Recreational vehicles including boats, snowmobiles and some ATVs rely on a pull start cord to engage the engine and start the vehicle. A broken starter cord can cause users to be stranded in potentially adverse conditions. diamondcord™ unbreakable pull cord eliminates the risk and provides peace of mind.

the best pull start cord

diamondcord suggested retail pricing (USD)

unbreakable starter cord | diamondcord™

diamondcord 50M / 164.04 ft spool

Weed Eaters (#3 – 2.8 mm) – $79.00

Lawnmowers, Chainsaws (#4 – 3.2 mm) – $89.00

Outboards, ATVs, Compactors (#4.5 – 3.6 mm) – $99.00

Snowmobiles (#7 – 5.5 mm) – $199.00

Pricing per foot

Weed Eaters (#3 – 2.8 mm) – $0.49

Lawnmowers, Chainsaws (#4 – 3.2 mm) – $0.55

Outboards, ATVs, Compactors (#4.5 – 3.6 mm) – $0.61

Snowmobiles (#7 – 5.5 mm) – $ 1.22

The last pull cord replacement you will ever buy!

All diamondcord™ products are backed by our lifetime guarantee. You will never need to buy a replacement pull start cord again. diamondcord™ products are available at select retail locations worldwide and are also available for rental industry customers.

How to replace a pull cord

Typical starter assemblies include a pull start cord wound around a recoil starter spring. Replacing the starter cord requires accessing the starter assembly and unwinding the rope while the recoil spring maintains tension. For commercial equipment and applications replacing a pull cord should only be done by a qualified and trained technician. For private or home-use equipment refer to the instruction manual for your specific make and model or consult a professional.

How to replace a pull cord on a lawn mower:

  1. Remove the starter assembly
  2. Pull rope out of the starter, careful not to lose tension in the pulley
  3. Remove rope from pulley
  4. Remove rope from handle
  5. Ensure pulley is at full tension
  6. Thread the starter rope through the eyelet and pulley
  7. Slowly allow the pulley to recoil, causing the rope to retract
  8. Attach the handle to the new rope

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