Diamond Performance Testimonials

A collection of satisfied customers and their review of our product range

Sunbelt Rentals

To whom it may concern,

My name is Chris Reed, I am a service manager at Sunbelt Rentals PC1072 in Salisbury, NC. I am writing today to speak about Diamond Performance products that we use here at our location on a daily basis. At our location we have approx. 7 million dollars in fleet, and a good portion of that is small tools that utilize a recoil or pull starter for operation. It has been a constant struggle in this industry in dealing with broken pull cords. Seems like a simple failure, but in reality, it costs us a substantial amount of labor cost, parts cost and lost time for our customers. When a cord breaks in the field, the customer can no longer use the machine, and we have to send somebody out to get them back up and running.

We have been using the diamondcord and diamondgrip, and we have managed to get the products into 40-60% of our machines that utilize a pull starter. And I can say in those machines we have had ZERO failures. We have been very impressed with the products, but more impressed by the level of customer service we have received.

I would not hesitate to recommend these products to anyone that deals with these same issues on their equipment. I believe this will be a great long-term partnership for us here at Sunbelt Rentals.



Chris Reed / Service Manager

Sunbelt Rentals PC1072

650 W. Ritchie Rd.

Salisbury, NC 28147

This letter is in reference to Diamondcord and Diamondlace. While I am writing from the perspective of a TRC Associate working in the South Surrey TRC, the opinions here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of The Home Depot.
By all accounts, Diamoncord is well tested and shows incredible potential in the market. As a TRC Associate, I see rental markdowns for many reasons, but markdowns from pull cords broken on the customer site are number one. When we incur these markdowns we loose the value of the contract, or a percentage of. Diamondcord appears to be the solution for losses from broken pull cords. When installed in Home Depot tools and equipment, Diamondcord can save us money and our valued customers time and energy on the job from our tools not functioning.
As for Diamondlace, given the market that The Home Depot is in, this particular product will sell extremely well. The majority of our clients are in the construction field, and we all know what its like breaking our laces and grabbing the nearest roll of tape to fix this frustrating problem. Again, Diamond Performance has developed the solution – Diamondlace.
Based on the products I’ve seen and my own knowledge of business and marketing gained from 3 years of business entrepreneurship/marketing classes at UBC, I believe these products will be a great addition to The Home Depot’s growing network.
Sean Murray

TRC Associate, The Home Depot

I Bryan Touzel at Branch #476 have been using Diamondcord for the past year and 3 months. I have found this cord to be the best on the market. It has saved time & money with fewer call outs and returned equipment due to broken starter ropes. I’m very impressed with this product, and I will continue to use the rope in our small equipment.

Bryan Touzel

Parts and Service, United Rentals

I’m writing to tell you how pleased I am with your unbreakable laces! I discovered your product after I spent nearly $200 on a pair of Oakley boots (which I loved) and  had the laces break on me after just three months (which I hated).
I am a member of a Special ResponseTeam that provides security for special nuclear materials for the Department of Energy at the Idaho National Laboratory.We work in an unforgiving environment on the high mountain desert where temperatures range from 20 degrees below zero to 110 above. Reliable equipment is essential to the accomplishment of our mission. It seemed ridiculous to me that I could spend so much money on a great pair of boots, and then have broken laces render those boots essentially worthless in the middle of an operation. I guess laces in boots are like the offensive line of football team: you don’t notice it unless it fails! Even more appropriately in our job, putting cheap laces in high-end boots is like putting a $10 magazine in a $2,000 assault rifle!
I couldn’t imagine that someone, somewhere wasn’t making boot laces that wouldn’t fail when the chips were down, so I got on a computer and started looking. Fortunately, I came across Diamondlace!The reviews I read raved on and on about these boot laces, and after trying a pair, I discovered why. Even with all the abuse we heap on our equipment, these laces have proven unbreakable. As my teammates have needed to replace their
conventional laces when they inevitably give out, I have recommended Diamondlaces, and with at least twenty Special ResponseTeam operators using Diamondlaces in their boots, I have yet to see anyone need a new pair In fact, I’m convinced that our high-dollar boots (Danner, Converse, Bates and Magnum, as well as Oakley) will bite the dust long before the Diamondlaces. Thanks for a great piece of equipment that fills an essential, but often overlooked, need for special operators!
Dan R.Anderson

Idaho National Laboratory

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy and impressed we are with your starter cords. We run 22 Husky chainsaws and line saws in our logging division and the conditions are less than ideal for gentleness on equipment. We have been running the Diamondcord.for a year on several of our saws (some people don’t like change) and we haven’t managed to break one yet. Thanks again for your innovation.

Mike Sexton

General Foreman, Western Forest Products Inc

I’m writing this letter to give you a follow-up on the “Diamondcord” and to give my thoughts on the
On the Diamondcord, I have had no negative responses to the product and no reports sent back to me on the cord breaking, so all is good. We will continue to promote the product through are faller programs. The BC Forest Safety Council is now offering “Basic Chainsaw Training” there has been a huge demand for us to deliver this training to a large number of various groups who want official recognition, as this training is recognized as acceptable to Work Safe BC, the variety of training interest comes from:
The Forestry harvesting sector, sawmills, pulp mills, arborists, firefighting crews, BC timber sales, mining and construction industries, vocational colleges, high school alternate education programs, Canadian Military, Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue, RCMP, BC and Federal Parks, Fish hatcheries, Ski Resorts, BC Hydro, Arborists and Forestry tree topping firms, just to name a few.
Local Chainsaw shops have also called to see if there is something available since many buyers have asked if anyone offers chainsaw training. Many of the Saw shops also rent out various types of equipment involving pull cords and see the advantages to having a cord that is reliable. On the Diamondlace, many forestry workers have complained about laces breaking and the inconvenience that it brings, it is not a great way to start the day. Actually there is superstition especially amongst the guys I’ve ever worked with, that if you break your lace while doing up your boots in the morning you might as well go home. I feel the Diamondlace will be a huge success.
In conclusion, the main reason for promoting the Diamondcord and Diamondlace products is because of the safety aspects that they bring, we have had many chainsaw users file MSI (musculoskeletal injury) claims while pulling on a cord and it breaks or binds up. Not to mention the time loss of the injury, but the time it takes especially for the inexperienced to replace the cord on the rewind, as well the loss in production, or revenue to a rental shop due to an upset customer. This also puts a worker in an undesirable frame of mind when a cord breaks, this includes a boot lace
which also can cause a tripping hazard.
As a final comment, in the forestry sector and especially falling of timber we look for any advantage for a person to keep their mind fully focused on the job at hand.
Bill Bolton

Senior Advisor, Forest Worker Developmen, BC Forest Safety Council

Guarda Systems

Over the past 5 years,  “Guarda Group” successfully developed/patented the world’s most innovative, genuine silica dust-free masonry cutting solutions which have proven to be 6 to 15 times better at containing silica dust than all leading OEM competitors products currently offered. Silica dust is extremely hazardous and causes silicosis & lung cancer!

Our award-winning, full range of products are currently available in Australia and New Zealand through an extensive distributor network and we’re now expanding our offerings to the US and Europe.

We settle for nothing less than the best and now our ultra-reliable cutting saws are equipped with Diamond Performance unbreakable, lifetime-guaranteed diamondcord starter cord and diamondgrip starter handles, which eliminates the down-time, inconvenience, monetary loss and frustrations associated with broken cords/handles!

If you’re interested in becoming a retailer or distributor of Guarda products, then please visit our website at guardasystems.com

Taylor RC Logo

TAYLOR RC (formerly known as RCMAX) produces top of the range engines and upgrades for Large Scale Model Cars and our fast growth to becoming a clear market leader has in part been down to our careful selection of raw materials and quality control. 

When we suffered a period of pull starter cord failures in our larger capacity engines, we searched the market for an ultimate solution and felt fortunate to partner up with diamondcord. Since this date, we have the most reliable starters in the industry and total loyalty to the diamondcord product. This cord is now fitted in our entire range and has further lifted our brands image.

 As we continue to grow, we now produce reliable pull starters to solve issues with many other manufacturers’ engines. All of which are fitted with diamondcord 3.2mm as standard.

For more information on our incredible All Billet 1/5 Scale Two stroke engines and other products, visit: www.taylorrc.co.uk

Unbreakable boot laces

I met a fellow out West who was marketing “unbreakable” boot laces. He said they were tested to last 10 times longer than leather, Kevlar and Polyester. He gave me a pair. I thought it would take a long time for me to see if they lasted, so I took them to the shop to see if I could destroy them – short of using chain cutters on them.

They are called DiamondLace boot laces and you can read their whole story here. In the shop they reminded me of the difference between clothes line cable and airplane cable – yet they are flexible enough to tie your boots. They are solid. In fact the company specializes in boot laces and pull cords for gas motors like chainsaws. If boot laces are a problem for you, these are the answer. You can get them at Amazon.com.

Jon Eakes

Cold Climate Housing Expert, JonEakes.com

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