“Innovative design and outstanding quality is the cornerstone of all diamondperformance™ products.”

Paul Abell, CEO & Founder
Diamond Performance Ltd.

Diamond Performance Ltd. – About Us


We focus on consumer products with an underlying functional need. The kind of products consumers must have and rely on, day-in and day-out.

We are proud to offer unique, top quality products that guarantee a lifetime solution to problems that have long presented a potential danger, inconvenience, monetary loss and unnecessary down-time.

While on a fishing trip in the Queen Charlotte Islands in 2010, Paul Abell, founder and CEO of Diamond Performance Ltd, became stranded several miles from the harbour due to a broken starter cord on the outboard engine. Luckily, he was rescued by Coast Guard.

Two weeks following this experience, he was snowmobiling in a very remote area near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, and became stranded once again due to broken starter cord on his snowmobile. With the sun setting and facing a night on the mountain in sub-zero conditions, he feared for his life. Finally, another snowmobiler spotted him and came to his rescue. He swore this would never happen again.

Upon his return, he began full-time research into fibres and subsequently retained the services of John Flory of Tension Technology International, the world’s leading high tenacity fibre expert. This led to the creation of our unbreakable starter cords and bootlaces, the diamondcord and diamondlace.

Advanta Design

We are very pleased to partner with Advanta in the development of our high performance starter handle, the diamondgrip and all future Diamond Performance products in the pipeline.

Advanta has developed product designs for the industrial and consumer markets, helping to craft visually compelling product solutions that are efficient to manufacture.

Advanta has repeatedly demonstrated that solid ideas honed by a rigorous design process become products that dominate their market categories for years. Their core clients see Advanta as a source of strategic advantage. With new product ideas, their clients perceive new ways to meet strategic market needs.

With offices in Calgary and Quebec City, Canada, Advanta has been providing design services to start-ups and large multinationals alike since 1992. They have worked with well know companies such as Bombardier, 3M, Cisco, Nortel, and Samsung, and many more smaller companies that have made their niches in the market better with vision, innovation, and a little help with product design.

Please stop by advantadesign.com

We have numerous highly unique products in our development pipeline which will compliment our existing product range. Be sure to check back to our website for news and new product launches.
Paul Abell

Paul Abell

CEO and Founder

Paul Abell was born in Nanaimo, BC. An academically talented student, he graduated with honours and dove into a number of diverse jobs, which included; commercial fishing, logging, oil field, commercial tug boat captain and operator of heavy equipment.

At age 19 he purchased two Bobcat skid-steer loaders and started his first business “Full Tilt Contracting” which offered commercial/residential landscaping and contracting services. Additionally, he’s owned and operated several commercial fishing vessels, ranging from the herring, salmon, and crab fishing industries.

Paul experienced success in the aforementioned endeavours by applying his immense energy, entrepreneurial talents, work ethic and ambition. For Diamond Performance Ltd. he has built a team of well-rounded individuals whose level of expertise is substantial and relative to our goals.

Diamond Products

diamondlace™ replacement show laces


Unbreakable laces stronger than steel

diamondcord™ unbreakable pull start cord


Unbreakable starter cord stronger than steel

diamondgrip™ – high performance pull cord handle


Unbreakable pull cord handle

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