More than just starter cord

strongest rope | tow rope | winch line

Alternative Uses

diamondcord™ was designed to be the world’s strongest pull start cord, but has proven itself extremely useful in many different applications. The smooth and flexible cord is five times stronger than steel and demonstrates excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, heat, and corrosion. Our diamondcord™ will outperform nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Kevlar, and steel as the strongest and most durable alternative. Our diamondcord™ is ideal for use as an emergency tow-rope for small recreational vehicles, tie-up rope, light-gauge winch line, and other general rope use applications. Stay tuned for a larger diameter product suitable for heavier duty tow and winch applications.

The strongest rope

strongest rope | tow rope | winch line

Breaking Strength

diamondcord™ has been thoroughly tested in the lab, and put through its paces in the field. Here is a picture of a forklift using a 3.2mm diamondcord™ to lift a compactor that weighs 2,000lbs. The breaking points for each diameter are listed below:


2.8mm 1,500 lbs
3.2mm 2,000 lbs
3.6mm 2,500 lbs
5.5mm 5,000 lbs

Winch cable alternative

winch cable | winch line

Stronger & More Durable

diamondcord™ is five times stronger than steel and can be used to replace a steel winch cable or winch line. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, diamondcord™ is non-corrosive and extremely abrasion resistant. With extra flexibility and  smoother pulling you will also be prolonging the life of your winch assembly.

Tow rope alternative

tow rope

Extremely Strong & Resilient

The idea of being stuck in a situation without reliable tools and equipment is scary. If you are in a situation where you need a tow rope you want something that you know will work. Personal experience and YouTube videos teach us that this is not always the case. diamondcord™ stands out as a consistently reliable solution. Eliminate the risk of being stuck in a bind by using the strongest rope available.

Marine applications

strongest rope | marine applications

Non-Corrosive & Chemical Resistant

diamondcord™ has unique chemical resistant properties that stand up to the harshest environments. Another significant benefit is its anti-corrosive properties. It will survive marine environments in both hot and cold climates. The rope is lightweight and will float in water, yet it is stronger than steel.

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