Diamondcord Benefits


Performance stronger than steel



Diamond Cord™ benefits

Diamond Cord™ reduces costs...

Diamond Cord™ is the last pull cord you will ever need. No more costly down time, no more replacement costs (material and labor), no more missed deadlines. Diamond Cord™ pull cords are guaranteed for life and have been proven to last more than 500 times longer than regular nylon pull cords.

Diamond Cord™ reduces equipment downtime...

The unique patent pending aspects of the Diamond Cord™ pull cord mean that your engine will start when you need it to. “No wonder an engine starts easier with Diamond Cord™”
John Flory, Tension Technology International

Diamond Cord™ helps save lives...

Fire Fighters use small engine equipment (chop saws, jawa of life) they require a starter cord to save lives on a daily basis.

  • Eliminates the risk of a MSI (Medical Services) claim due to pulling on a cord and it breaks or bonds up. Diamond Cord™ reduces the risk to snowmobilers and boaters of being stranded in adverse, sometimes life threatening conditions due to broken pull cords.
Diamond Cord™ improves personal safety...
  • The flatness characteristics of the Diamond Cord™ provides almost twice the wraps on the starter flywheel which will prevent operator injury/strain when reaching the knot on a hard pull.
  • Lies perfectly flat on the flywheel which will eliminate the binding
    that you will experience with Nylon pull cords.
  • Smoother pulling for easier starting
  • Reduced starter cord breakage in the field leads to better focus and attention on the job.
  • Eliminates risk of MSI (musculoskeletal injury) claims due
    while pulling on a cord and it breaks or binds up.
Diamond Cord™ increases customer satisfaction...

Your customers will know you have their best interests at heart when you provide them with the only true solution to broken starter cords.

About Diamondcord

Unbreakable starter cords, stronger than steel



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Diamond Cord™ testimonials

I have been using Diamond Cord™ for the past year & 3 months. I have found this cord to be the best on the market. It has saved time & money with fewer call outs and returned equipment due to broken starter ropes. I’m very impressed with this product, and I will continue to use the rope in our small equipment.
Bryan Touzel

Parts & Service, United Rentals

Using Diamond Cord™ has eliminated lost rentals due to cord breakage, saving time and money for the rental department and its customers.
Cindy Clement

Tool Rental Associate, Home Depot Canada

By all accounts, Diamond Cord™ is well tested and shows incredible potential in the market. As a TRC Associate, I see rental markdowns for many reasons, but markdowns from pull cords broken on the customer site are number one. When we incur these markdowns we loose the value of the contract, or a percentage of. Diamond Cord™ appears to be the solution for losses from broken pull cords. When installed in Home Depot tools and equipment, Diamond Cord™ can save us money and our valued customers time and energy on the job from our tools not functioning.
Sean Murray

TRC Associate, The Home Depot

Diamondcord™ Industry Savings

See how Diamondcord™ makes financial sense

Rental Industry Savings

Cost & down time associated with broken starter cords in the rental industry Does this sound familiar? A customer calls and complains the starter cord has broken on the equipment you’ve rented him.

  • Your service personal burns unnecessary fuel, puts wear and tear on your service vehicle, not to mention the hourly rate your paying him to repair and /or replace the decommissioned equipment.
  • There is a possibility the rental-revenue will be written-off because the customer is claiming the breakdown has cost him down-time on his job.
  • At the very least the customer is not happy the equipment you’ve rented him has broken down.
  • You’ve wasted time and money focusing on something that should have never happened in the first place!

Average breakdown of monies lost

The solution is simple

Diamond Cord™ Performance Pull Cords Cost ONLY $10! (dealer price)

OEM Cost Comparison

OEM’s (Bombardier for example) are selling nylon snowmobile starter cord for $5.00 a foot (MSRP). Suzuki is selling outboard engine starter cord for $5.33 a foot! None of the OEM brands are guaranteed and will break, potentially leaving you stranded. Diamond Cord™ snowmobile and Marine (Outboard engines) starter cord is only $2.83 a foot (MSRP), comes with the Diamond Cord™ lifetime guarantee and has been tested to 1.4 Million pulls (Average) by Tension Technology International (The world’s leading high tenacity fiber testing facility) For $1.00 plus more per foot the OEM product does not provide a solution to the potential danger and nuisance a broken starter cord presents to it’s users.